Confederação Brasileira de Tiro Prático



Publicado: terça, 02 de maio de 2017, 00h:00m | Última Atualização: sexta, 31 de agosto de 2018, 08h:41m

Dear participants!


There are only 34 days left before the start of the Rifle World Championship 2017! We are working hard on preparation this wonderful event. We are looking forward to the day when we all gather on the beautiful square of the Patriot Park and in the festive atmosphere we will hold the opening ceremony and start our competitions!

In the last news release, we published a new functionality of our website which was done for your convenience. Through online chat and mail, we received a huge number of questions, having analyzed them, we identified a number of difficulties that you encounter and found solutions that will help eliminate most of them.

So, let’s go:

  1. The most important!
    We noticed that not everyone gets our newsletter:
    - our emails get into spam;
    - when completing the form, some of you indicated an additional e-mail,
    because of that only 60% of competitors received and read our emails. Therefore, we found a solution and now we will additionally duplicate our main news on the site - publications will be here
    For your convenience, we determine the exact time when there will be our newsletter and publication on the site - 
    every Wednesday at 12:00 (MSC). If suddenly you do not receive our newsletter at this time, then visit the site and read the Important News from the organizers.
    Because of the problem described above, 
    it is very important for us that EVERY participant of the competition reads this newsletter, so we ask you to send it to your friends-participants of the World Championship, since it is possible they didn’t get this letter directly from us!
  1. We received a lot of appeals from you and to our regret, we were not ready for such a quantity that affected the response time. We analyzed the topics of your appeals and to speed up the solution of your problems, we want to introduce you the individual specialists in each direction:
    - To get invitations for Russian visa – Valeriya
    - To get gun import permit – Denis
    - Technical issues about problems at the web page - – Denis
    - Other issues connected with the championship and not related to the topics mentioned above – Olga
  1. We ask you to fill the arrival and accommodation fields as soon as possible–
    Yesterday, we added an online order form for match ammunition with invoicing. To all who entered the data into the form in the section Match cartridges and who sent pre-order to e-mail (and did not receive an invoice for payment), it is necessary to order cartridges and receive an invoice for payment through this online form. The order form appears every time you enter "My office".  After the order you will have the opportunity to download an invoice, also a link using which you will be able to download the invoice will be sent to your e-mail specified in the registration form.

No more urgent news, wait for the next block of news this Wednesday (05/05/2017) at 12:00 Moscow time.


Best regards,
Rifle World Championship Team